Quick Order Pad Instructions

Quick Order Pad Instructions

Our Quick order pad function is a fantastic way of creating a bulk order on our website if you do a lot of repeat ordering. In order for this function to work properly, please make sure you have logged in to the site using your username and password.

There are two ways to use the Quick order pad:

Method 1:

Simply make a note of the product codes next to our products on the website and then add the product code in row by row with the quantity you would like.

Method 2 (Bulk Upload):

Create a spreadsheet in Excel with Column A as the product code and column B as the quantity required. If you save the excel file to your computer you can then use it to create a bulk order every time (obviously amending quantities where required).
In this guide we will show you how to perform both.
In the image below you can see where we put the stock codes for our products. You will need to make a note of these if you want to order using the Quick order pad:

We suggest you create a spreadsheet in the following format and save it to your desktop for use with the Quick Order Pad feature (The below is an example):

Please note: you do not need the description column in order to use the Quick order pad. We just suggest you fill it in so that you know what you are looking at the next time you use your spreadsheet for a Quick Order as it is much easier to remember than a stock code.

Method 1:

Simply copy in the Stock Code into the Product Ref Field and click the Search button:

Method 2 (Bulk Upload):

As noted above, we suggest you create a spreadsheet in the following format and save it to your computer for use with the Quick Order pad.

Column A should be a list of the stock codes as found on our website for each product that you would like to order. Column B should be the quantity that you would like and Column C we recommend putting in a quick description so that you know what you are looking at for future orders.
Once you have completed your spreadsheet, save it to your computer and then highlight all of the stock codes and quantities (do not highlight your column headings) i.e.

You can then either right click with the mouse whilst hovering the arrow over the slected items and choose “copy” from the menu option or hold down the Ctrl button and then tap the “C” button on your keyboard (another way to perform the copy function).

Then go back to the website (Please make sure you are logged in) and click the “click here to paste from a spreadsheet”

This will then bring up a new box:

Click inside the box and paste the copied contents of the spreadsheet. You can either do this by holding down the Ctrl button and tapping the “V” button or right clicking in the white area and choosing “paste”. Once the data is in the box, press enter once on the keyboard. You should then see some options come up below the box. Click the “Process” Button:

This will then upload the order into the Quick Order Pad. The next step is then to click the “Add to Basket” button which moves the order items from the Quick Order Pad to the Basket, ready for you to checkout with when you are ready.

After clicking Add to Basket, the Basket section should then be updated:

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