Packages & Displays

Whether you are purchasing an existing package or wanting to create your own individual display, we have a range of flexible fixtures that can be adapted to meet your individual requirements.

The Interchangeable Gift Stand

Our interchangeable gift stand base unit and power-wing allows you to create a truly bespoke dispaly stand that can be easily changed to accommodate new product lines all year round.

Basic Gift Stand Unit

This is the base unit that can accommodate all types of gift products to be displayed. You can add individual components to this stand or increase the versatility/capacity with an additional power-wing.


The power-wing uses the same design structure as the base unit and can be fitted either side; it also uses the same components as the base unit, again making it highly adaptable.

4 Prong Unit

This is ideal for displaying hanging stationery products.

Basic Shelf Unit

This is ideal for displaying hanging stationery products.

3 Prong Unit

This is ideal for displaying hanging stationery products.

Card & Stationery Pocket

Unit used for displaying stationery products or card ranges to complement any of the gift ranges.

Interchangeable Gift Stand
(Without Power-Wings)

Interchangeable Gift Stand
(With Power-Wings)

Display Stands

Multi Product Stand

- A compact floor standing unit that is a highly effective way of increasing your sales of giftware.
- It's the ideal display to encourage your customers to browse and make their selection.
- Dimensions:
Height 127cm
- Width 54cm
- Depth 42cm
- Holds themed product collections including stationery, ceramics and pick up lines.

Luxury Wooden Display Stand

- 3 tiered display stand
- Variable product display options easily tailored to suit individual customer needs.
- Dimensions:
Height 127cm
Width 121cm
Bottom Shelf 121cm
Middle Shelf 80cm
Top Shelf 50cm

Stationery CDU

- 3 tiered display stand
- Dimensions:
Height (without header) 40cm
Height (with header) 57cm
Width 55.5cm
Depth 37cm

Brainteaser CDU

- 3 tiered display stand
- Dimensions:
Height (without header) 29cm
Height (header) 45cm
Width 63cm
Depth 46cm

Pallet Pod Stand

- Overall dimensions inc. header and pallet:
Height 160cm
Width 160cm
Depth 100cm (Approx)

Otter House can offer a wide variety of flexible display stands and one stop shop solutions built to a retailer’s specific requirements. We specialise in bespoke, low risk, high return retail solutions.

From single ranges...
• Counter-Top Displays
• Single Range Spinners/Stands
• Multiple Product Displays
• “No Risk” Pallet Pods
• Interchangeable Gift Stands

The Service We Offer :
Otter House offer a full range of planning services to support and maintain best-selling ranges of cards and gifts using a visual planning system integrated with our sales data. Our sales representatives provide ongoing support and servicing to maintain consistently high standards.

The Benefits :
• Data driven range planning
• Automated stock control and ordering
• Regular design refreshes to maximise sales
• Over 1500 unique card lines
• Over 500 giftware and stationery lines
• Fully integrated displays for cards, gifts and stationery

... to full shop displays

The Benefits :
• High visual impact
• Easily shopped by the end customer
• Full point of sale displays
• Easily maintained
• Unique concept
• No stock drawers, all stock on display
• Stock reviews and merchandising
• Seasonal ranges and promotions

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To request more information on our retail solutions or to request range flyers and catalogues please contact us now...

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