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Quayside Cards is your One Stop Card Shop for greetings cards, gift packaging and gift stationery.

From small displays to full shop installations, we work with you to create a bespoke display that works for you and your retail environment. We currently supply and manage multiple group and independent store displays across the UK, with sizes varying from 3 to 25 metres. Easily maintained with regular stock reviews and merchandising, our displays have high visual impact that will drive your sales forward.
We also work with other publishers, brokering in ranges at our customers request.
Our own cards feature in a large number of integrated displays

Made To Measure Fixtures

Made-to-Measure Fixtures Our shops are constructed using traditional slat-wall panelling in standard 1.2m bays, with each bay incorporating energy-efficient strip lighting. Our standard finishes are white, cream or platinum oak, but we can tailor the finish to any colour or a range of wood effects. Panels can also include your unique signage and logos. The first step towards a shop installation is a discussion on the location, look and feel of the fixtures. This is then followed up by a full site survey and the submission of a layout plan for your approval.

- Made-to-measure fixtures.
- Built in a location to suit your needs.
- In a colour scheme to match your retail area.

Our One Stop Card Shops are distinctive and easily shopped by the end customer, helping to maximize sales potential. Our primary display method for greetings cards is in 'quads', acrylic cascade fixtures that hold 12-16 cards. Quads are much easier to shop than the full-rack card displays often found in card shops. Each quad is themed so that it will carry either a specific category of cards - for example Sentiments or Occasions - or a line extension with particular design content, making it really easy for your customer to go straight to the occasion or style of card that they are after. Quads are a highly efficient way to use retail space as our standard 1.2m bays will hold 6 quads or 96 cards - the same as, if not more than, standard card racking in the same space. We also offer waterfall display racking which holds approximately 128 cards per bay. A mixed display of quads and waterfall fixtures makes a highly effective and enticing retail environment.

- Flexible displays that are made to measure.
- High visual impact.
- Easy maintenance.
- Regularly refreshed designs and new product formats.
- Visual merchandising, sales analysis and stock planning.
- Continual support and service from our administration team.

Range Planning

The best-selling Quayside ranges are planned and maintained using a visual planning system integrated with our sales data, ensuring each and every card is placed for high visual impact to maximise those sales. Stock control is automated and designs are refreshed regularly to keep the ranges looking their best.

- We hold over 1630 pockets.
- We have over 84 stationery designs and 54 gift packaging designs.
- We work with you to finalise your range.
- Our experience and sales data helps determine a strong-selling collection.
- Our visual planning software creates a merchandising planogram.
- We can include cards from other publishers in an integrated display.


Our visual planning software is integrated with our sales data, allowing the planning team to analyse sales pocket by pocket to understand pocket turns and sales by category, caption and retail price point. Reports are available to you on demand and we can also provide analysis showing quantities, trade price, margin, brand, range and sales by linear foot by month and by year. Our planning team use this data to identify slow sellers and make recommendations for changes to your range, so that your sales potential is maximized. If there are under performing pockets, your sales representative will discuss our proposed changes with you so that we can instigate re-plans. It is also possible for us to offer a fully managed service, where we will take full control over the initial range and subsequent sales analysis and re-plans.

Point of Sale Displays

We offer a full range of point of sale display items - header and footer displays, front strips for all ranges, caption and pocket highlighters and price code cards. All Quayside cards include a design specific and a generic barcode, with clear alpha retail price points prominently displayed on the back of the card to correspond with the price code cards displayed in the fixtures. Shoppers will have no difficulty understanding the price of cards in your displays.


Third Party Publishers

We are happy to include third party supplier cards as part of the range for any customers that specifically request this. There are two ways that we can approach this, first we can support an 'integrated display' by allocating a percentage of dedicated pockets to third party suppliers in the Occasions, Relations and Birthday Age categories. These allocations will then be communicated to those suppliers in order for them to allocate their best-selling card designs. The third party supplier would then be responsible for managing their pocket allocation with regards to replenishment and design refreshment.

Secondly, for those customers who prefer a fully managed single supplier service, we can include cards from other publishers by 'brokering in' specific card ranges to be part of the overall collection that we supply and manage.

- We monitor and analyse sales to make sure that you stock the best-sellers.
- Regular reports ensure that you know how your retail space is performing.

New Designs and Refreshes

Our automated ordering process provides us with a wide range of data, allowing us to analyse sales and manage stock. Our Planning Team use this data to assess the sales performance of individual cards and initiate design refreshes where appropriate. This process ensures that the range of cards that you carry performs strongly and is regularly refreshed. Annually we review and refresh our standard range and replace between 40-60% with new designs. We also introduce up to 8 new card line extensions per year, this in addition to providing new seasonal ranges for Christmas and Spring Seasons.

- Our sales representatives or merchandisers make regular visits to your shop.
- They ensure that your display is well stocked and inviting.
- They will discuss any concerns and ensure follow-up discussions.
- Your shop will be managed through our fully automated stock control system.
- New product designs will be included on a regular basis.


Continuing Support and Service

Our sales representatives and merchandisers will maintain your One Stop Card Shop according to a pre-agreed schedule. They will review stock levels per pocket and re-order cards as appropriate. A purchase order value confirmation can be produced for customers to approve if required. In addition to re-ordering, our staff will also:

- Tidy and clean the displays and replace any damaged or missing point of sale material.
- Merchandise any outstanding stock deliveries.
- Discuss and organise seasonal or promotional requirements - all seasonal ranges are supplied
on agreed terms, with options to return or discount stock after the close of the season.
- Update your visual merchandising plans via our iPad planning system.


Fully Automated Stock Control

Our One Stop Card Shops operate a fully automated stock control and ordering process. When our sales representatives and merchandisers visit your premises they will process re-orders using their iPads. This sends the order directly to our head office Sales Administration team and to our warehouse for the order to be picked, packed and dispatched. This automated process ensures that all orders and stock replenishment are handled on a timely basis with fast turn around times.

Our Fixtures:

We offer a range of fixtures to enhance retail displays and maximise sales potential.

Counter-Top Display Units
These prominently display individual ranges or seasonal selections to increase impulse purchases.

Small Spinners
These two spinners are ideal for aplacement of a small selection of cards whether they are 5 x 7 inch or square cards. These spinners both hold 36 designs of greetings cards.

- Holds up to 36 designs.
- Square and portrait 5 x 7 inch.
- Space saving design/small floor footprint.

72 Pocket Open Spinner
The 72 Pocket Open Spinner is ideal for mixing and matching the Quayside card ranges. Instead of the traditional single wire pocket for each card this spinner utilises an open pocket for the cards to sit in. This gives the spinner the perfect flexibility to display multiple size cards on one stand.

- Holds up to 72 designs.
- Mix and match card sizes.
- Open pocket design for flexibility.

Multi Cage Spinner
This is the ultimate in spinner options. A central pole holds four card cages allowing for a flexible display option. There are four different types of card cages available allowing a variety of the different card sizes to be displayed perfectly together. If you wish to change a range, it can be conveniently removed and changed to another fixture component to suit a different card format with no hassle and no loss of sales time.

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